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Containers for spices and herbs

Oak, hrast

They are intended for storing spices, herbs, nuts, seeds. They are not suitable for storing liquids.

Wooden containers with lids are made of the same piece of wood, which gives them the perfection of the whole product and a touch of elegance. Like a tree, each container is unique. The slight recess of the container allows for better grip, and the lid with a seal is safe to store. The entire surface of the herb containers is protected with a wood balm based on natural oils and waxes and intended for contact with food.

Containers can be a wonderful business gift or a gift to friends for a variety of celebrations and other occasions.

Container sizes:

  • M (volume 450 ml, height 160 mm)
  • S (volume 150 ml, height 125 mm)
  • XS (volume 60 ml, height 98 mm)

Different types of wood and inscriptions:

The photo shows oak pots, but other types are also possible. We engrave any text, sign or logo on the containers.


For cleaning, it is sufficient to wipe the dish with a cloth soaked in lukewarm water with a mild dishwashing detergent. They are by no means dishwasher safe. The ideal storage conditions for containers are in a normal climate at a temperature of 18-22°C and a relative humidity of 45-65%.