RotisWood is a small family business focused on turning wood products, plastics, cork and wood-like materials. We use a modern CNC lathe, which enables milling, engraving, production of spirals, threads, and laser engraving in wood, inscriptions and images according to customer wishes. We also make products of irregular shapes.

Wood is a beautiful, natural and highly desirable material, as its warmth connects us even more with homeliness and well-being. Therefore, wooden containers and bowls are very suitable for anyone who swears by natural material. Herbs, homemade teas, spices and dried fruits are stored in containers of various sizes. Some of you will be happy with the largest bowl, as you can put a lot of fruit in it. The bread dough also rises nicely in it.

High legs for the table are an important part of the furniture as they contribute to the look of the table as well as the whole space. Different foot patterns fit the traditional, rustic and also modern style. Due to the natural and solid wood, they are an indispensable element of peasant tables.

Low legs are designed for chests of drawers, display cases and cabinets. Due to their small size, they are almost imperceptible, but they significantly complete most of the furniture and connect it to the floor. Low legs will make your furniture more airy.


Wooden Urns

Made with love for our loved ones.

They are coated only with nature-friendly oil, which enables the natural appearance of the wood and its structure and contributes to the warmth even at the last rest. Our urns are on offer from some companies with funeral services, and personal purchase is possible.



Wood is a really popular material for processing and creating products. Customers express a wide variety of wishes that we strive to fulfill. Therefore, our collection has accumulated a number of interesting items that can be used both at home and for professional purposes. We are looking forward to new challenges as we grow and develop with them.

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